Winter bucket list

Perfect for the whole family

The cold weather is in full force and given that we may have some snowfall sooner or later we have decided to put together our very own Winter bucket list designed to help make these dreaded winter months fun for all the family. From movie nights, to snowman building competitions and winter fashion shows, you’ll find it all on our list. Build a snowman together

  • Make a snowman
  • Bake biscuits
  • Go sledding
  • Make snow angels
  • Go on a Winter nature walk
  • Movie marathon
  • Make snowflake pictures
  • Snowman building competition
  • Pyjama day
  • Have a snowball fight
  • Winter fashion show
  • Play who can catch the most snow flakes on their tongue
  • Prepare and cook a homemade hearty stu
  • Make an iglu
  • Hot chocolate, duvet and movie night
  • Shovel driveway together – make it fun!