Babies / Willows

The under-twos are a wonderful age. In all our Willows rooms we provide a home from home space, which is calm, quiet and natural for the babies to feel comfortable to make strong bonds with the Willows educators in the room, but also to feel comfortable enough to gain confidence and explore their own exploratory impulses

The Willows staff have enviable knowledge about early years development and provide lots of opportunities for the babies to develop interests. In Willows the babies get lots of fresh air and are given the opportunity to explore the wider world on walks. We know how babies early brain development works and Willows educators asses and observe the babies, ensuring that they are treated as an individual and to strengthen those interests that are already there.

The environment is full of cosy spaces, for cuddles and one to one time, ensuring the Willows’ educators can fulfil the babies’ individual needs.

“There are several reasons why I enjoy working in Willows, the first being that I am a big part of their journey from the beginning, and this gives me a sense of accomplishment as I see the developmental stages they go through as they learn and grow. Another reason is the way the children build bonds with us and giving them a sense of belonging and love. I also like the reactions of the children when they use their senses in an activity for the first time”. – Harpreet