Older Two's / Sycamores

The older twos enjoy a tailored highly stimulating day to promote their personal development. The children are given lots of small group opportunities to build their vocabulary and social skills.

Children at this age are starting to self-regulate, the Sycamores educators understand this, ensuring the children have ample opportunities to share those interests that they have built. The environment is set out for the children to be independent, choosing and leading their own play, but there is also room for the children to have quieter times, to self- regulate and self-reflect.

Language groups, with puppets and props, and cooking groups are a hit with the Sycamores children, and they gain so much learning and education from these small groups that it gives them that steadiness and confidence for Pre-School.

 “In sycamores the children are bursting with energy and curiosity. I love working with the older two’s as at this age they start to make special relationships and start to by making sense of their world. It is tons of fun and it’s our mission to explore, imagine and play together with the two’s. It’s great to see the curiosity working in their minds, and to be a helping factor in their development and happiness. It’s great to have those special bonds with key children, to watch them grow and be confident in who they are ready to move to pre-school. – Hannah Sycamores Educator.