Spooky Costume Contest

On Monday 28th October, we run a spooky costume contest on our Facebook pages. To enter, parents had to like our page, post a photo of their little one, share our post and encourage family and friends to like their comment. The winners were chosen based on the amount of likes they received on their photo. We had two spooky but very cute winners from our Aldridge and Darlaston nurseries.

Baby Toby as Dracula

Toby has just turned 1 and has celebrated his second Halloween. This year he dressed up as baby Dracula. For Halloween Toby spent the day with his big brother Theo and his great grandma. They spent the evening visiting family members. Toby loves dressing up and having his face painted. Well done Toby, you look super frightful as Dracula.

Lacey as a spooky Witch

Lacey is 2 and attends one of our nurseries. Lacey spent Halloween pumpkin picking, searching high and low for the biggest pumpkin she could find. Lacey was also supposed to attend a Halloween party but was super tired from attending nursery during the day, she wanted to stay home and have a bubble bath instead. We like your thinking Lacey and think you look spooktacular.