Salt Dough Christmas Decorations

Do you want to add some personal touches to your Christmas tree this year? Why not get the little ones to help. Our salt dough recipe is fun, safe and easy to follow.

All you need is:

✨ 1 cup of flour

✨ 1 cup of water

✨ Food colouring/paint

✨ Pencil and string

  • Mix both ingredients together (adding small amounts of water at a time) until it is the consistency of dough.
  • Use food colouring to add colour or leave it plain to paint afterwards.
  • Create shapes/patterns in the dough using a variety of items (we made key marks in our dough).
  • Poke a circle in the dough using a pencil (to thread string through afterwards)
  • Bake in the oven at 140 degrees for 15 minutes or until hard.
  • Leave to cool, attach string and hang on the Christmas tree.

TIP: Salt dough handprints make perfect handmade gifts for family members.