Renovations at our Aldridge nursery

Throughout the years, lots of improvements have gone on at our nursery. Painting, decorating, moving about, etc. Each time with the view of creating a better childcare provision for our parents and children.

This time, it’s a big one! Improvements and building work have been going on at Aldridge for a few months now. We have had new windows throughout the whole building, a new reception and office space and a new room for the older pre-school children. These changes are again to improve the services for our families.

The new windows will help with heating, and gas consumption. Enabling us to be more environmentally responsible (we think they look good too) While not loosing the original 1930’s charm of the building.

The new office next to reception will be open to help parents with questions about nursery or if they wish, to see a member of management on their daily drop off and pick up. This will help to strengthen communications and build our parent partnership.

Most excitingly, we have a new room, known as the Foundation Unit. This space is designed around the children going to school and will focus on teaching and learning with a more structured school like routine. This will give our nursery leavers the skills and confidence they need for their transition to reception. The resources and environment are super modern, focusing on the approach and curriculum we follow to enable each individual child to grow and be their best self.

We look forward to sharing our hard work and improvements with everyone, including our little people and parents who have been very patient whilst the work was being done. So, for you we say thank you and we really hope you like ‘what we’ve done with the place’.


In need of childcare? Why don’t you book a slot to come and see us on Saturday 31st October and see our new and improved nursery in all of its glory. For more information or to book a slot, please email