Packing the Nursery Essentials

Choosing the perfect nursery for you and your little one is hard enough. Let alone worrying about what essentials you should be sending them with. That’s why we have put together a nursery essentials guide. We want to help ease those first day nerves and ensure a smooth and relaxed transition into nursery life.

  • Nursery Bag – To provide a sense of identity and carry all of your child’s nursery essentials (clearly labelled with child’s name).
  • Spare Clothes – We recommend two full sets of clothing (tops and bottoms). Just incase children get wet/messy during activities or have accidents.
  • Toileting Basics – Lots of clean underwear (double up especially if potty training).
  • Seasonal Outwear – It’s important to remember that it is within our ethos to allow children outdoors in all weathers. Ensure you pack weather appropriate clothing.
  • Wellies – To keep little ones feet warm and dry when outdoors in wet weather. Especially important for Forest School.
  • Spare Shoes – Just incase the child’s other shoes get wet. Remember children will get messy at nursery so don’t send them with their best.
  • Comforter – Pack your little one’s comforter (favourite blanket, teddy bear ect…) this will help them settle whilst at nursery.
  • Nappies, wipes and creams – If you do not wish to use nurseries supplies. Please ensure you pack plenty in your child’s bag. We may have no choice but to use nurseries own if your supply runs out.
  • Formula Milk – Formula must be measured at home and put into individual pots. Pack plenty of clean bottles and bibs.

Download a free PDF copy of our guide below