Our Learning Environment
and Curriculum

At Little Rascals we follow our own Curriculum called Roots to Growth. It has taken research from Reggio Emilia, Steiner, Maslow and Penni Tassoni, mixed in with our professional knowledge to create a curriculum that supports each child as an individual, giving them a confident head start.

At Little Rascals, our environments are changed constantly to ensure it is exciting and awe inspiring for our children, but we have also created environments which the children can focus and promote their emotional wellbeing. With light airy spaces, filled with homely objects, natural calming colours and independent access to the outdoors. The environment is much more than furniture and toys.

We believe that the earliest experiences can shape a child’s early education. And those memories which are fun and child-led are often what we remember of our own childhood. At Little Rascals we strive to make those memories, children are encouraged to shape their own play, and with the staff knowledge and environments reflecting the children’s interests. The children’s learning is strengthened, the child feels valued, and they build a strong base for further education.

The environments are a warm and friendly space where the children are confident to explore with their hands and feet. It’s a creative space where children are encouraged to be independent learners. They can have fun, play talk and learn together. But its also a space where the children can just ‘be’ in the calm spaces. Discovering their own self-reflection, which is essential for strengthening their emotional mind.

Our environment is a place where children develop into happy, healthy and independent individuals.

An environmentally friendly nursery.

We are currently living in a wasteful society, so we want to do our bit it to change this. At out nurseries we have made small changes, such as buying bio- degradable nappies and wipes for the children. We now use re-usable cooking aprons, and environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Our curriculum also pushes to be environmentally friendly. We reuse our old cardboard and packaging for arts and crafts. But we also enjoy second hand gems for our resources and we love that we can give old furniture and resources another home.