Pre-school / Oaks

Pre-school is all about the children being empowered, independent and gaining those key skills to flourish at school. We don’t focus on writing, phonetical or mathematical teaching. But teaching that inspires child led focuses and their own interest in learning. We give the children ample opportunities to gain skills and knowledge.

The Oaks educators have exceptional knowledge about how our pre-schoolers can reach their individual next steps, creating a sense of fulfilment for the children, empowering them to be the best they can be

Our children take part in multiple activities such as cooking, art, music and Forest Schooling to broaden their mind and to extend current interests

School Readiness in The Oaks

School readiness for some means, children learning to read, write and to know their numbers. Although these skills come later, the basis of learning these skills are very important. To make a child sit and learn these skills in a boring way is one way to turn off children for a love of learning.

The skills that children need to flourish in school, are more than gaining knowledge in basic maths and literacy though. We focus on the child’s skills. Such as

-being an independent learner: children need the skills to lead their own play, to discover and make their own choices. And reap the rewards and knowledge of that independent risks that we allow them to make within the Oaks

-being self-reflective- Children need to know how to bounce back after difficulties. Learning to reflect on their own actions and using good problem solving to make their actions work next time. This takes immense emotional well-being but strengthens the children’s approach to life with the experiences learnt.

-being confident and valued team players- children need to learn to co-operate with others, whether that be adults or the peers in the setting. The children’s confidence within that team setting will help them to build relationships when they move onto school

"Why wouldn’t you love Pre-school, the awe and wonder on a three-year olds face is pure bliss everything is new and magical. The imagination of a three/four-year-old is unparalleled. They find joy in the most (what an adult would consider bazaar) innocuous of objects. They are, full of life and teach adults how to be happy and playful again. This is why I love my job, although its not a job for me, it’s a vocation. " Saty- Oaks Educator.