Younger Two's / Maples

The younger twos are a crucial age where the children have strong exploratory interests. Our Maples educators understand this and provide a wealth of resources, activities and experiences to support their confidence and emotional development.

We have split our two years into two age groups as we are then able to focus on their emotional wellbeing. Being a two-year-old is hard work, and new language, new emotions and experiences shape who they are.

With knowledge of the two-year olds development, The Maples educators are supportive and patient for the children to grow and develop at their own pace, with no pressure, empowering the children giving them a sense of self-determination and self-worth.

We undertake physical and language checks to ensure that they are right on track.

“I love working in the Younger two’s as the children are just discovering what they like and dislike. I love thinking of different ways to give the Maples their interests and coming up with fun activities and outings as they get so excited. Seeing them develop and have their own personalities is so enjoyable, and I can’t wait to see the children every day. I also love seeing their language develop and supporting this for them is very rewarding when they move into Sycamores with good language skills.” -Rhiannon- Maples Educator.