Keeping children safe online and offline

We have seen a lot of posts circulating social media this past week regarding the ‘Momo challenge’ and it has prompted us to think about children’s safety online and offline. We are aware that increasingly younger children are using and becoming fond of apps like Youtube and Youtube Kids. Although we put a huge emphasis on screen time and try to encourage parents to get children out more, we will never fully be able to stop children using the internet to play their favourite games or watch their favourite videos. We can at least provide information and guidance to parents in the hopes that online and offline safety will be implemented at home.

Below you will find various information sheets, including a Parent’s Guide to YouTube and a Classifications Guidelines Guide (Age ratings on films and games). These guides are brought to you by National Online Safety All are designed to help and support you in becoming super internet savvy parents.

To view and download the complete list of online safety guides that cover various platforms such as Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox ect… click here