Introducing our newest room, the Foundation Unit – Darlaston

We are constantly striving to be the very best we can be. One of the ways we can do this is to improve our provision. Our most popular space is our Pre-School. In this room there are children that are almost ready to fly the nest and will soon be moving on from Little Rascals to reception.

This got us thinking……. how can we make sure our children are fully equipped for school before leaving us? One of the ideas that we have decided to run with is to transform our current Pre-School into the ‘Foundation Unit’. Here our 4 year olds will have their very own environment, this will be led by trained professionals who will ensure that the children gain the following skills ahead of reception.

Children will focus on:

  • Building their confidence
  • Becoming more independent
  • Learning to make/maintain relationships with their peers
  • Developing their problem solving skills
  • Developing their mathematical and literacy skills (through our curriculum Roots to Growth)

We do still have a preschool room, this will be used by children not quite old enough for reception. For example all nursery children that are due to start reception this coming September (2019) will now be in the Foundation Unit. Children due to start reception in September 2020 will remain in preschool until they are ready to move up.

Through the awe inspiring environment and our individual planning the children will be ready to move on from nursery to reception in no time! We assure you this change will benefit all children as they move up through nursery and on to school. We are confident children will leave us fully prepared to take on a new chapter in their lives.

Currently the Foundation Unit is set up at our Darlaston nursery but there are plans for our Aldridge nursery to have one too, make sure you stay tuned for that, in the meantime check out some pictures from Darlaston’s Unit.