How does a deposit free place sound?

Did someone say deposit free?

That’s right! Between Monday 17th September and Wednesday 31st October, if you book a nursery place with us you’ll get it completley deposit free! When enrolling your child with us, we require all fee paying parents to pay a £50 upfront deposit on induction, this is to secure the child’s space whilst he/she is in the settling process. Providing parents are able to keep up payments this is returned once their child leaves us. We understand that parents do not always have £50 lying around and for some, a deposit can put them off completley. This is why we are bringing you this fab ‘deposit free’ offer, we know this will take some pressure of parents whilst they are finding childcare. This offer is valid at our Aldridge setting and our Darlaston setting and does not apply to funded places. 

What are you waiting for, book your visit today!

For more information regarding our deposit free offer please give Lucy a call on 0121 439 2830.