Homemade Play Dough

Play dough can be expensive when you’re buying it ready made. Plus, you can never really tell what’s it in. That’s why at Little Rascals children make their own from scratch. It’s really simple to do and they never tire of it. There are just four ingredients that you will need, all of which are safe, simple and easy to get hold of. We have also done some price comparison for you but we are pretty sure you’re not going to need it.


  • 125ml water
  • Food colouring
  • Plain flour (10 tablespoons)
  • Vegetable oil (2 tablespoons)


  • Add all of the weighed ingredients into a mixing bowl (Just a few drops of food colouring will do) and mix together with a mixing spoon until dough becomes thick.
  • Add more or less water and flour if needed.
  • Once the dough is a good consistency and doesn’t stick to your fingers, you can flour a surface ready to knead.
  • Knead and roll the dough until it looks just like play dough.

Voila! Simple, safe and fun for hours.

TIP: As you will not use all of your ingredients in one go, why not experiment with a variety of different coloured food colouring.

TIP:  To keep the playdough fresher for longer, wrap in clingfilm when not being used and store in a cool, dry place.