Roots to Growth

Little Rascals has developed its own approach to educating all the children who spend with us. Roots to Growth has been written by us exclusively for the children we care for. Endorsed by Childcare experts. Children are divided into rooms suitable for the stage of development, not necessarily their age. This means they are experiencing activities that will challenge and encourage amazing progress.

Our nurseries and resources are as individual as the children.

We have invested in our environment to ensure that it stimulates the imagination and curiosity. Our curriculum alters for the various ages we care for. For our youngest children, the emphasis is on forming attachment to carers. As children progress the emphasis extends to include language and physical development. By the time children reach our pre-school, they will enjoy a vast array of activities and experiences to extend their knowledge as well an understanding of the community they live in.

All children are planned for individually, and take part in awe inspiring activities that ensure that every child reaches their full potential and is ready for the first step of formal education with full time school

Little Rascals is the only home of Roots to Growth

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